Happy Solar Eclipse Day! #SolarEclipse2017 — Adele Downs

Where will you watch the solar eclipse? I’ll be at the beach, but plan to go indoors when the sun, moon, and earth begin to align. To eliminate the risk to my eyesight, I’ll live stream the event on my computer from NASA. Here’s the link: https://www.nasa.gov In Pennsylvania the eclipse begins a 1:21 PM, peaks at 2:44 PM, and ends at 4:01 […]

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Science report: Who gets hotter, wetter with climate change — WANE

WASHINGTON (AP) — A draft federal science report on the effects of global warming breaks down how climate change has already hit different regions of the United States. It also projects expected changes by region. OVERALL (contiguous 48 states) —The annual average temperature is already 1.18 degrees warmer the last 30 years than it was…

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Mt Hood Ridable Through the Summer

Hi there, bloggers! Continuing with our nature-themed road trip the following day, my family and I took the car south of Hood River to Mount Hood, which is actually a potentially-active volcano and the tallest one in the state of Oregon. At over 11,000 feet (3500 meters), its snow-capped peaks make for the iconic, picture-perfect […]

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Study links at-risk orcas’ failed pregnancies to scarce food — Q13 FOX News

SEATTLE (AP) — Endangered killer whales that frequent the inland waters of Washington state are having pregnancy problems because they cannot find enough fish to eat, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed hormones in excrement collected at sea and found that more than two-thirds of orca pregnancies failed over a seven-year period. They linked…

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Jobs vs. Environment

Headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Federal Triangle facilities – Washington DC – USA Our global capitalist economic system has brought us to the edge of an abyss. If we want more jobs, the corporate capitalist elite tells us, we must reduce environmental regulations that increase their operational costs and make their products […]

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Sinkhole in Seattle

SEATTLE — Officials are trying to determine the scope of an “apparent sinkhole” that appeared Thursday morning in the city’s Queen Anne neighborhood, Seattle Department of Transportation spokesperson Norm Mah said. The apparent sinkhole was noticed Thursday morning on 5th Avenue near the intersection of W. Comstock Street. The hole is about 3-feet wide. Mah…

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Australia’s Reef

This March 2017 WWF video is about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It has coral bleaching problems. Related articles Coral bleaching returns to the Great Barrier Reef Global Warming Is Killing the Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef could lose one million visitors annually if coral bleaching continues New coral reefs study finally gives […]

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