Guide to Networking “Tactfully”


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It’s autumn which means it is recruitment season. Cue plenty of careers fairs, open days, and a truckful of companies demonstrating their greatness over their rival at the next stand. For most of us, this means one thing: Networking. Problem. What is Networking? I remember when I first started out, this word was flung around a lot like some sort of elusive concept (like commercial awareness, no, I still don’t know what that means).

To help you out a bit, let’s talk basics.  

  1. First of all, networking is not the thing that will get you a training contract at the end of the session. Don’t walk in expecting to receive a golden ticket, you will be disappointed. It can be hard to put in hours because networking is tiresome, and not get much out of it as may well be the case, but more often than not, networking results…

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