Sustainability in a Turbulent World

On Our Own

Earthrise 1968 Earthrise 1968

An approach toward sustainability begins the way Hollywood movies sometimes do—with a view of Earth from space, successively narrowing the frame until we arrive at street level. In U.S. cinema the final shot is of individuals, characters mis en scene.

A new perspective is possible with the launch of the Deep Space Climate Observatory last week. Aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, the 1,250-pound satellite was sent on a 110-day trip toward the L1 Lagrange point, a gravitationally-stable location nearly a million miles from Earth in line with the sun. While monitoring streams of particles from the sun, it will also look back to Earth. That’s a beginning point.

In a life one has to make choices. Using the Hollywood convention, my public focus can be narrowed as follows:

In the global community I make two engagements: nuclear abolition and dealing with the consequences of global warming. This means…

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