Small Tsunamis Recorded After Magnitude 6.8 Quake Strikes Off Japan Coast

CBS San Francisco

TOKYO (CBS/AP) — A magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Japan early Tuesday (Monday afernoon in the U.S.), triggering minor tsunamis but no reports of major damage or injuries.

The Japan Meteorological Agency lifted a tsunami advisory two hours after it was issued following the quake, which hit shortly after 8 a.m. Japan time (3 p.m. Pacific).

The quake’s epicenter was at a depth of about 6 miles. It shook much of northeast Japan and could be felt in Tokyo, 430 miles away.

Small tsunamis of up to 8 inches were recorded after the quake along the coast of Iwate prefecture, according to the agency, much smaller than the possible 3-foot tsunami mentioned in the advisory.

Several smaller aftershocks were also reported in the area.

Tohoku Electric Power Co., which operates the Onagawa and Higashidori nuclear plants in nearby Miyagi and Aomori prefectures, said it saw no…

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