STLMoms: Parent resolutions for your daughter

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(STLMoms)- The new year brings many resolutions and while thinking of some for yourself, why not also hold a vision for your daughter? Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan gives us seven resolutions to keep your daughter on track.

7 Resolutions to keep your daughter on track:

1.Make noise, ruffle feathers, and stand out:

2.Become unpopular: girls tend to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about not displeasing others or hurting their feelings.

3.Be willing to discard parts of themselves in order to expand: at a subconscious level, girls have been deciding things about themselves, relationships, and life based upon past experiences.

4.Trust your gut: teach girls to access their intuition and inner knowing and to let it guide them in decision-making.

5.Make your life incredible: encourage your daughter to embark on a life-long, extraordinary journey of self-discovery. I

6.Find your tribe: teach girls to surround themselves…

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