These Are the Best and Worst Cities for Celebrating Halloween


If you’re one of those people who gets super into Halloween, then you might want to consider moving to the Twin Cities, because according to a new study, St. Paul and Minneapolis are the best places to celebrate the spooky holiday.

The personal finance social network WalletHub determined the best (and worst) cities for Halloween based on 15 key metrics, including crime rates, weather, walkability, number of costume stores per capita and number of amusement parks. (All the criteria fit into three categories: “Entertainment Environment & Safety,” “Parties & Activities” and Weather Forecast for Halloween.”)

WalletHub crunched numbers for 100 of the country’s most populated cities, ultimately giving each one an overall rank of Halloween-friendliness. Here are the 10 best cities:

  1. St. Paul, MN
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. Dallas, TX
  4. Santa Ana, CA
  5. Irving, TX
  6. Garland, TX
  7. Chandler, AZ
  8. Denver, CO
  9. Arlington, TX
  10. Las Vegas, NV

And the 10 worst:

  1. Winston-Salem, NC

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