Toys R Us Taking Heat for ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figures

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Parents nationwide are upset about a new action figure on sale at Toys R Us – the Breaking Bad doll – complete with a fake bag of crystal meth.

The Walter White action figure comes packaged with a tiny bag of fake crystal meth. The Jesse Pinkman doll has a gas mask.

Local clinical psychologist Dr. Randi Mozenter on staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital can’t believe it.

“The parents that wouldn’t let their children watch a show like ‘Breaking Bad,’ which is clearly for adults, would you really want them walking through a toy store and picking them up and looking at them and thinking, ‘wow this is so cool’?” she asks.

Toys R Us says the dolls are for ages 15 and older, but Mozenter says that’s worse because those teenage years are a prime time for drug experimentation.

“This isn’t a toy,” she says. “This…

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