Five Jonestown Victims Buried In California

CBS13 | CBS Sacramento

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Five victims of the 1978 mass suicide-murder in Jonestown, Guyana, were laid to rest after their cremated remains were recently discovered inside an abandoned Delaware funeral home.

The remains were buried in Oakland, California, on Monday in a grave where more than 400 other unclaimed or unidentified Jonestown victims are interred, the Oakland Tribune reported.

The ceremony at Evergreen Cemetery was organized by the son of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple leader who took his followers to South America before ordering them to drink cyanide-laced grape punch. More than 900 people died.

“I have to accept the horrific event, the tyranny that Jim Jones created, but I also have to respect the people who were trying to build a new world,” said Jim Jones Jr., 54. “They were trying to build a new world and they really believed that.”

The five people buried Monday were among…

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