Honda CR-V named SUV of the Year

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Motor Trend magazine has named the revamped 2015 Honda CR-V its SUV of the year, beating out 18 other all-new or redesigned SUVs.

The CR-V wasn’t completely redesigned for 2015. But Honda made significant improvements that put it over the top, Motor Trend editor-in-chief Ed Loh said.

Among the most striking, he said, was a continuously variable transmission that replaced the CR-V’s 5-speed transmission.

As its name implies, a continuously variable transmission can vary gear ratios up and down, unlike other transmissions with a finite number of fixed-gear ratios depending on the vehicle’s speed and how much pulling power is needed.

With the new transmission and other changes, the 2015 CR-V gets three miles per gallon better fuel economy than the 2014 model. Loh also said it feels more dynamic to drive — a departure from the previous model, which had been “kind of boring.”


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