Residents Living Near Escalon Complain Of Putrid Smell

CBS Sacramento

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) – Residents in in a subdivision just south of the city of Escalon say the sewer smell is making them miserable.

“Oh my gosh. What is that smell?” asked Alison Davis, a resident.

In a pristine and pricey Del Rio subdivision outside Escalon, irritation is in the air.

“It is nauseating,” said resident Naresh Channaveerappa.

The odor is so foul that neighbors don’t dare set foot outside or open their windows.

What exactly does it smell like?

“It smells like a cross between tomatoes and sewer,” said resident Michelle Irvin.

“Like…like excrement, you know?” said Davis.

The culprit sits a mere mile to the north, just across the Stanislaus River: sewer ponds filled with wastewater. Wind sends the sickening stench wafting into the subdivision.

“It is intermittent, but when it is here, you can’t be outside, you can’t have friends over. It’s embarrassing!” said Davis.


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