Nancy Dell: Autistic dietary needs; Reduce hearing loss

1. My child has been diagnosed with autism. Do I need to do anything special with his diet?
L.A., Internet

The Centers for Disease Control says 1 in 68 children in the US have now been identified with autism spectrum disorder. One of the dietitians who works with me specializes in working with autistic kids. She says they often prefer – or only eat- processed foods.

Therefore, they are at risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and about 80% of children with autism have chronic gastro-intestinal problems. Have your doctor check to see if your child has any of these concerns.

Many parents report improvement when they eliminate gluten and eliminate casein found in milk although studies don’t show this. Omega – 3 fats, zinc, iron and co Q 10 may also help improve behavior and the health of an autisic child.

Every child is different and you need to…

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