Natrel milk soon back on the shelves after pasteurization problem. Other recalls and updates: 2.Netflex, 3.GoPro

Global News

MONTREAL — Natrel milk lovers may have noticed that the brand has been missing from refrigerator shelves in their local deps or grocery stores.

After the Canadian Food Inspection Agency launched an inspection of the company’s plant in Quebec City following complaints from consumers who found their milk was going off before the expiration date, Natrel decided to withdraw any possibly affected milk products.

“It’s not a recall,” Marc Labelle, the director of public relations for the dairy cooperative Agropur, told Global News.

“We withdrew the milk that was going to be on the shelves which wasn’t going to meet the code.”

Labelle explained that there had been an issue at the plant at the pasteurization level.

“There was a small fissure in the plaque, where a few drops of unpasteurized milk came in contact with already pasteurized milk.”

After receiving one or two complaints, the company immediately investigated and discovered the problem.

“It’s completely under control,” confirmed…

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