Keys Aquarium Offers Up Close Encounters With Marine Wildlife

CBS Miami

MARATHON (CBSMiami/ FKNB) —  A newly opened aquarium in Marathon is offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves, touch, feel and feed marine wildlife.

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters features a coral reef exhibit and a predatory fish habitat housed in a 200,000-gallon interconnected saltwater aquarium.

“It’s an interactive aquarium where you get the opportunity to go in and encounter all different species we have in the Florida Keys,” said Ben Daughtry, the facility’s managing owner. “And it’s really a unique learning opportunity where you get the ability to touch, feel … feed any of the species we have here.”

Keys Aquarium Encounters

Feeding the marine life at the aquarium provides an opportunity not allowed in open waters off the Keys. Fish feeding in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is prohibited, because it disrupts their natural behavior, sanctuary officials said.

The encounter utilizes tethered diving technology, enabling individuals without prior scuba experience to enjoy…

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