Center For Auto Safety Urges Investigation Of Chrysler Vehicles Experiencing Power Failures

CBS Detroit

(WWJ) — The Center for Auto Safety is urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate Chrysler.

The watchdog group said that power failures in thousands of Chrysler vehicles can cause the them to stall while being driven. Executive director Clarence Ditlow said that the only thing that Chrysler should do to respond to the concerns is to issue a recall.

“The ultimate outcome should be a recall of the vehicles with this totally integrated power module in Chrysler vehicles made from 2007 to 2014,” Ditlow said. “We estimate that there are at least three to five million (affected) vehicles on the road today.”

The problem is with electrical power control modules that can malfunction and affects many Dodge and Jeep vans and SUVs over the last 7 years.

“What we’re seeing is that the major manufacturers are introducing more and more electronics, which have more and more glitches and it’s…

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