RICH: ‘Income Inequality’ Pimp Gets $243K to Teach One Class

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August 6, 2014 By Matthew Burke

You just can’t spread the hypocrisy on any thicker than this.

Keynesian “economist” and former U.S. Secretary of Labor under Democrat President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, who’s constantly sought moral highground preaching about the evils of “inequality” and excessive CEO pay (“wage theft from ordinary workers”), has a gig where he himself is grossly overpaid.

As reported by, Reich himself may be guilty of, well let’s call it “tuition theft from the mouths of starving and indebted students,” to use leftist lingo.

Reich is paid $242,613 to teach “economics” at University of California-Berkeley, and is slated to teach just one class this fall semester.

On June 29, Reich preached on his public Facebook page, filled with Harry Reid-style demonization of the free market promoting (evil and rich) Koch Brothers:
“The moral crisis of our age has nothing to do with gay marriage…

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