What To Do When You Lose Your Art

Edited Thoughts

Today something amazingly bad happened.  My boyfriend’s computer blew up.  Normally this wouldn’t matter much.  But he uses it for his art, video making, and his socializing.  I wondered what would I do if I lost my computer?

Then I realized something extraordinary.  I am a writer.  Since most of everything I write is eventually backed up somewhere, I wouldn’t have lost anything.  On the contrary.  I would gain something.  Freedom.  Free of the confines of the plug that’s stuck in the wall.  Free from the necessity of checking Facebook every five seconds.  Free from the weirdness that I associate with most of the websites I use to procrastinate.

Granted, I would have horrible writer’s cramp and would actually have something I could throw across the room, but in the end, it wouldn’t be a complete loss.

Anyway, that’s the thought for today.  I have to go because he wants…

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