Conceptualize visualize what a ride

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Lightspeed over the skies blazing trails of whiteness abundance of brightness ..
The wish is yours to make don’t speak it now close your eyes conceptualize let the mind concive a wish from the stars.. Feel free to roam around the Milky Way is yours fly from planet to planet stick some moon dust in your pocket..

Grab a ring put it on your finger its from Jupiter watch the Aurora’s from a heavenly seat.. Don’t go too far watch the asteroid belt get to view Big and Little Dipper…

I see your eyes you’re bound for the red the planet of love from Mars.. Be the first to plant the rose reddist of the most Rose.. Watch the thrusts the jetpack stronger than JATO.. Jet assisted take off, gyros does sounds good to the restaurant 23rd and fourth Avenue Greek restaurant the salads are to die for and real…

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