Where I belong


New song about knowing someone is out there, that inspires a better me, whether i’ve met this person or not..Maybe not so…but the idea is there…Most of my lovey kind of songs are fictional just dream kinda songs…But that keeps me looking up, and inspired to create art…Lyrics below…

You’ve gone to far

Now don’t you stop

Abandoned your car

In a parking lot

Your who you are

In the sun

You just begun

Thats why I do look out

I run after you

I run after you

I run after you,

I run

Whenever it’s dark and cold

in my mind, where my hurt’s so

I see you there

And you live your life

You live it right

You are kind

To all

You come across

I want to

Get closer to you is all

The sun rises,

And now it falls away and still I..

Run after you…

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